The minute you think you're greater than the music, you're finished

Frankie Knuckles

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Der Dritte Raum - Hale Bopp

(Danny Alpha Remix)

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Deseo Radio is an absolutely music web radio & has a special view on today's House music and beyond.

"Deseo" was created for you, who, house & electronica music is your way of life. And so, for you, it's time to listen and reveal your Deep Desires!

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Deseo Radio | Your Eargasm Desire

Deseo Radio is your ultimate solution for today's house music. 

Deseo Radio is a radio that keeps you updated, with music and trending and exclusive news feed every day. 

We created this radio to reveal your deep deseo (desires).

We'd love to hear from you here in Deseo Radio, through Live Chat, right in the bottom of this page. We Typically answer in few minutes